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Prioritizing bugs, planning new features, testing ideas. All these tasks need customers’ input -- data that you already have. The problem is, that data is everywhere. It sits on Twitter streams, support tickets, emails, calls, surveys, etc.

NomNom lets you aggregate, organize and categorize all customer feedback in one place. It exists so you can spend less time on spreadsheets and emails and more time understanding your customer's motivations.

Whether you share customer testimonials on Slack, NPS results on a spreadsheet or survey results via email, you know that every piece of feedback you share with your team can spark the right conversations with your customers, and those conversations can change everything.

How it works


Adding customer feedback to NomNom is easy. Upload spreadsheets, PDF, Word documents or connect your favourite customer feedback tools like Zendesk, Intercom, Survey Monkey and more.


Search customer feedback across multiple sources. Whether you’re sorting through feature request or fan mail, you can identify important information in seconds. Filter your customer feedback by keywords, tags, sources, sentiment, time range and more.


Share relevant feedback with your team via links and alerts so you can all get closer to your customers.

NomNom makes it easy for you to stay on top of what your customers are saying


Group specific feedback into a collection and share it with your team. E.g. Feature requests, churn research, NPS results, customer testimonials and more.


Easy to understand analytics that give you a quick overview of the numbers behind your customer feedback.

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Save searches, create alerts, monitor specific keywords and themes in your customer feedback. Get alerts straight to your inbox.

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