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Nom Nom helps you aggregate, organise and share all your customer feedback and user research in one place easily

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Feedback Sources

Connect your feedback sources

Adding customer feedback to NomNom is easy. Upload files with user research straight from Google Drive, Dropbox and email. Connect your favorite customer feedback tools - Zendesk, Intercom, Desk, NPS Surveys, App Reviews and more.

Get Your Team On Board

Get your team on board

Give your team visibility into what your customers are saying everywhere. Help your design, product, marketing and sales teams work better together. Break the silos, and learn faster from your customers.

Take Action

Take action

Push data and reports to the tools you're already using. NomNom integrates with popular collaboration tools - Trello, Slack and more.

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“Since we started using NomNom we've been able to act on feedback more easily and help make sure it is a real centerpiece of any project planning we're doing”

Johanna Richardson, Senior Product Manager at RJMetrics
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Identify issues, opportunities and patterns across multiple sources. Discover hidden themes within your data, and help your team discover user research and insights across the entire organisation.

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Your customer insights are too important to be laying around in a lifeless knowledge base. Create research projects around hypotheses, and collaborate on insights with other team members. Highlight findings, and start conversations about what matters to your customers.

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Monitor Feedback

Keep an eye on the feedback that matters to you and your team. Get alerts straight to your inbox. NomNom helps you easily stay on top of your customer feedback and user research.

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Go beyond your NPS score

Quickly identify what customers are feeling across multiple channels. Having scores is helpful - but the real value lies behind the numbers. Understand the 'why' driving your customers' decisions.

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Understanding customers is a team sport. Keep your team on the same page by easily sharing reports, search queries and user insights. We play nicely with collaboration tools, including Slack, Trello and more!

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Connect the tools you are already using or use our API for custom integrations. Check all integrations available here


Simply connect your customer feedback sources to NomNom and start getting more out of your data today.

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“NomNom has been the facilitator for us to have conversations about customers that we weren't really able to have before”

Jonny Burch, Consumer Product Design Lead at Deliveroo


Pricing plans are based on the volume of customer feedback data synced or uploaded per month
Discounts are available for annual plans.

NomNom is great for teams managing multiple sources of feedback such as customer support tickets, in-app conversations, user research findings in Google Docs, NPS data, App reviews, survey data etc.

  • unlimited users
  • unlimited integrations
  • collaboration tools
  • research projects
  • tracking & monitoring tools
  • feedback analysis tools
  • email digests
  • api
Plans for companies of all sizes
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You can try NomNom with all features enabled for 15 days completely free. When your trial ends, your account will no longer be updated and will become inaccessible. If you want to continue using NomNom, select a plan that works for you and enter a valid payment method from within your account settings.
Adding data to NomNom is easy. From customer support systems to NPS surveys, we are constantly building new integrations. However, If you can’t find the integration you need, you can access our friendly API or add data via spreadsheets or csv uploads.
Our API access allows you to easily push data to NomNom from your database and other custom sources. You can find everything about our API here. and if you still have questions, our engineers are always happy to help.
You can cancel at any time. You’ll be billed for your current month or year but never again. All your data will be deleted from our systems 15 days after your cancellation. If you decide to start using NomNom again you will have to add your data sources again.
NomNom works on the latest versions of the main browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9 or above).
Yes. Communication between all app components, including connections to the database, the message queue and other internal services happens only within our private network. Communication with all 3rd party systems/APIs is performed over a secure connection. User passwords, access tokens and any other stored information are also encrypted. Read more about our security here.