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NomNom is the easiest way to search, organize and share all your customer feedback in one place.

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Break the silos

  1. Connect your feedback sources

    Adding customer feedback to NomNom is easy. Upload files with user research straight from Google Drive, Dropbox and email. Connect your favorite customer feedback tools - Zendesk, Intercom, Desk, NPS Surveys, App Reviews and more.

  2. Get Your Team On Board

    Give your team visibility into what your customers are saying everywhere. Help your design, product, marketing and sales teams work better together. Break the silos, and learn faster from your customers.

  3. Take Action

    Push data and reports to the tools you're already using. NomNom integrates with popular collaboration tools - Trello, Slack and more.

“Since we started using NomNom we've been able to act on feedback more easily and help make sure it is a real centerpiece of any project planning we're doing”

Johanna Richardson, Senior Product Manager at RJMetrics

This is how it works

Centralize your data in seconds

Connect your sources of feedback and upload data easily

With NomNom you can use a variety of easy to use integrations. Unlock important data hidden in internal systems via our API or automate data streams with our Zapier integration.

Find answers quickly

How many users are asking for this? Did users who cancelled last month leave any feedback? Have we done any research on this issue?

NomNom helps you find answers quickly. Search and filter feedback by keywords, tag, source, user properties, time range and more. NomNom is your powerful search engine for all your qualitative data.

Visualize your data in meaningful ways

More context means better decisions

Learn from customers faster by looking at your data in different ways. With a full range of visualizations, see the whole picture from your feedback before digging deeper into specific customer issues. Quantify your qualitative feedback easily, by creating simple visualizations from search results.

Your data, your rules

Create automated workflows and analyze qualitative data like a boss

Eliminate the manual work around tagging and organizing your data. Build research projects and track feedback that matters to you and your team.

Share the important bits and discover hidden themes

Get instant collaboration on your customer insights

Highlight, comment and visualize themes. No more copy and pasting from one place to the other. Identify themes and start meaningful conversations with your team. NomNom makes your customer discovery more collaborative.


Simply connect your customer feedback sources to NomNom and start getting more out of your data today.

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Love your product.

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