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Search, Organize & Analyze all of your Customer Feedback from Intercom with NomNom.

Get better insights

Turn your Intercom conversations into tangible evidence. Quantify and visualise your customer feedback easily.

Automated tagging and tracking

Organize your Intercom conversations in a simple way, automate the process of tagging conversations and reduce the manual work required to make sense of your data.

Feedback segmentation made easy

Cross-reference feedback from Intercom with other data sources, and identify the core themes running through your customer feedback. Filter your data by customer segment, user properties, keywords, tags, sources and more.

Get everybody on the same page

Share the insights from your Intercom conversations with your team, collaborate and discover the jobs your customers are hiring your product for.

Integrate in under a minute!

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ZACK PRICEGlobal Success Manager at zkipster

ASHLEY RODAN Automation Engineer at Homepass

BRET SCOFIELDSenior Interaction Designer at Sumo Logic

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