If you use Slack, you most likely have a channel your team uses

to discuss customer feedback

It goes a bit like like this…

Your sales team is pasting snippets of emails they receive from customers,

your UX team is sharing verbatims from the latest customer interview,

your customer support team is typing the content of a support ticket they just closed but that has relevant feedback about that feature you are working on.

The discussions are great, but it gets messy very quickly, and important feedback gets lost.

This is why we created NomBot, to help you centralize and track

all these conversations in NomNom easily.

Connect your accounts


Connect your NomNom account to your preferred Slack channel.
You can invite NomBot to multiple channels.

Start a conversation with Nombot


To send feedback to your NomNom account just mention @nombot followed by the word add. That’s it!
NomBot will take it from there. You can add tags and other customer information related to the piece of feedback anytime.

If you already have a NomNom account you can install Nombot now! 👍


Add to Slack


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