Customer Feedback Management for Product Teams

Stop building complicated spreadsheets

Get all your customer feedback in one place 

Connect your customer support system, survey tools, app reviews, Sales tools, NPS services and more. Upload your user research files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and email. Get instant visibility of what your customers are saying everywhere.

Stop guessing,
Get to the right answers quickly

NomNom is the most powerful search engine for all your qualitative data. 

Find answers quickly across multiple channels and data sources. Filter your data by customer segment, user properties, keywords, tags, sources and more.

Quantify your feedback easily

Turn your data into useful visualizations

Learn from customers faster by looking at your data in different ways. With a full range of visualizations, see the whole picture from your feedback before digging deeper into specific customer issues. NomNom is data-driven decisions made easy.

Work smarter, not harder
Automate your workflows

Track, tag and group feedback automatically.

Track and group customer feedback and research files based on keywords, tags and any metadata available. Create automated workflows and stay on top of your research.

Powerful customer segmentation capabilities to take your product strategy to the next level

Focus on the right customers

Customer profiles allow you to get a single view of your users and their feedback across multiple sources. Build better personas and discover the jobs your customers are hiring you for by understanding the context and the people behind each piece of feedback.

Get everybody on the same page

Collaborate on user research projects and turn insights into action

Validate your hypothesis by building powerful and collaborative research projects. From customer interviews to prototypes, curate all the evidence you need to let your research tell a story.


Using Jira? Sync your research projects with Jira and help your team track their progress. (Coming soon!)

One more thing…


Keep consistent tagging across all your sources.


Highlight any part of any document. Curate only the relevant bits.


Collaborate with multiple teams. Get everybody on the same page.


Bookmark reports, evidence and anything you want to remember for future research.


Track your progress in a beautiful research timeline. Tell better stories about your findings.


Upload videos, audio, and images. Make all your research evidence searchable. (Coming soon!)


Create workflows and tag documents automatically.


Forward emails to NomNom anytime.

“Since we started using NomNom we’ve been able to act on feedback more easily and help make sure it is a real centerpiece of any project planning we’re doing.”

Johanna Richardson, Senior Product Manager at RJMetrics

LUKE TYSONOperations Manager at Minaal 

ASHLEY RODAN Automation Engineer at Homepass

BRET SCOFIELDSenior Interaction Designer at Sumo Logic

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